The Pre-Plan


What is the Pre-Plan?

The PrePlan is a funeral trust pre-funding program that allows you to pre-plan your funeral arrangements and set aside the funds to pay for it ahead of time.  The PrePlan is backed by the New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA) and it is the national leader in managing prepaid funeral and burial accounts.

The funds are placed in FDIC-insured certificates of deposit (CD's) which provide consumers with the combined financial benefit of safe, no risk investments with a maximum rate of interest.  Each account is federally insured up to $100,000.

Consumers also receive from PrePlan helpful and informative year-end tax statements and an annual statement detailing your account's activity for the entire year.

The current net consumer yield is 1.24% (as of March 2017).


How the Pre-Plan works...

  1. You meet with a funeral director to make funeral arrangements, selecting the funeral services and merchandise of your choice.

  2. The funeral director supplies you with an itemized funeral statement and pre-need agreement.  All pre-need agreements are revocable, unless applying for Medicaid benefits (see explanation below).

  3. Your give the funeral director a check payable to PrePlan.

  4. The funeral director sends the agreement and the check to PrePlan for immediate deposit.

  5. PrePlan funds are placed in FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit held in a New York financial institution.  Each trust fund depositor is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to the extent permissible by the law.

  6. You receive a deposit acknowledgement letter after the account has been opened.

  7. Your account receives a highly competitive rate of interest, historically passing the rate of inflation.

  8. At the end of the year, you receive an annual tax/account summary statement.

  9. Upon completion of your funeral, PrePlan sends the payment to the funeral director.


Revocable Vs. Irrevocable



The PrePlan Assures...


Make it easier on those who love and care for you and will be there in the end.

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